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Excellent Insights with Outstanding Performance, Scalability, and Flexibility

Enterprises depend on analytics to gain valuable insights across their entire operation. To achieve those insights from vast and distributed data sets reliably and quickly, companies need a performant graph database powered by a finely tuned technology stack.

AMD offers the world’s highest performing x86 server processors for faster cloud and enterprise performance, ideally suited for running advanced graph analytics and machine learning algorithms. 

Unleash the Power of the AMD EPYCTM CPU

The AMD EPYCTM CPU and AMD Xilinx FPGAs provide exceptional performance for running graph queries and algorithms. Combined with the scalability of TigerGraph’s native distributed graph enterprise, enterprises are discovering insights into their connected data they never thought possible: ​

  • Break down data silos and reveal hard-to-find patterns in data relationships with deeper analytics
  • Analyze the largest data sets rapidly with massive parallel processing ​
  • Get the answers you need, when you need them, with sub-second response times for real-time results
  • Achieve query speeds 40-300x faster than any other graph database with AMD-optimized hardware

Proven Performance at Scale

AMD EPYC CPUs and TigerGraph were tested against the LDBC SNB BI SF-10k benchmark, with 30 AMD-powered devices running TigerGraph on GCP. Loading the 10 TB dataset containing over 170 billion graph elements, and running the 27 business intelligence queries, took under six hours to complete, a process that could take days using other solutions.

Delivering Real-time Graph Analytics at Scale

During the 2022 Graph+AI Summit, AMD’s Vinay Singh, Senior Director ISV Ecosystems, and Kumar Deepak, Engineering Fellow, discussed how AMD EPYC CPUs and FPGAs, combined with TigerGraph, help enterprises seamlessly get real-time analytics at scale for uses cases including customer 360, fraud analytics, and supply chain management.

AMD + You

AMD and TigerGraph Boost Business Performance with Accelerated Insights