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TigerGraph Stands Ready to Stop Coronavirus

Free Use of TigerGraph

TigerGraph’s mission is to help our customers improve the world with deeper insights. We are thrilled that Mastercard, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Wellcome have launched an initiative to speed development and access to therapies for COVID-19. We would like to lend a helping hand for this and all other initiatives aimed at stopping the spread of and improving treatment for Coronavirus worldwide. TigerGraph is offering free Cloud and Enterprise Edition use for applications requiring massive data or high computation needs.

For applications requiring massive data or high computation needs, both TigerGraph Cloud and TigerGraph Enterprise Edition support multi-server distributed storage and distributed computation.

TigerGraph is committed to contributing our graph database technology towards addressing this urgent global health issue. If you have additional questions as you use TigerGraph Cloud or TigerGraph Enterprise Edition, please contact us.

New: TigerGraph Cloud COVID-19 Analysis Starter Kit

Detect hubs of infection and track the movements of potential spreaders. Learn more:

Free on TigerGraph Cloud

Our free COVID-19 Analysis Starter Kit provides the government and health officials with a vital tool in the fight against the coronavirus. Our Starter Kit comes with a sample dataset, schema, and queries for big data analysis, giving you the ability to detect hubs of infection and track the movements of potential spreaders. This free instance can store billions of entities such as people, locations, medical supplies & drugs, their properties, and connections. 

Free Use of TigerGraph Enterprise

You can use TigerGraph Enterprise for analysis of data related to COVID-19 on your own hardware or in your data center. The Free License option gives every feature of TigerGraph Enterprise, for up to 50GB of data storage. With TigerGraph’s advanced data compression, 50 GB in TigerGraph is equivalent to between 150 GB to 500 GB data on other graph databases. The free license is available to any user, for both production and non-production.