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New in TigerGraph 3.5

TigerGraph 3.5 offers users important new features in all product capability areas. These include:

TigerGraph Cloud:

  • Regions—more regions available across our three platforms (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud)
  • Languages—better rendering for a variety of languages 


  • Elasticity—new capabilities that provide for computation on demand
  • Manageabilityextra features that make it easier to manage, backup and restore TigerGraph
  • Security—new features that enhance the security of TigerGraph
  • Ecosystem integrationa new connector with Google Cloud Storage data streaming support
  • Observabilityimproved error messaging when the maximum graph size allowed by the license is reached
  • Query Languages—multiple new features that make the GSQL Query Language more power 

New in TigerGraph 3.2

TigerGraph 3.2
TigerGraph 3.2 Developer

Enhancements in TigerGraph 3.2: More Scalable, More Security, and Better Management

TigerGraph 3.2 includes new availability, scalability, manageability, and security functionalities to ensure mission-critical graph applications work flawlessly in both private and public clouds. This latest enterprise version of TigerGraph will meet the ever-increasing demand from the world’s top companies, boost developer adoption and address key data science requirements.

A Major Release with a Number of High-Impact Features

TigerGraph 3.2 delivers significant enhancements in scale, security and management, including:

  • Cross-Region Replication—business continuity support via cross-region replication of clusters
  • Query Workload Management—simplified management via cluster resizing, faster backup and restore, and direct control over resource allocation for big queries
  • Full Kubernetes Support—state-of-art cloud management via built-in Kubernetes support
  • Security—security and access control at scale via user-defined roles
New Developer Capabilities
TigerGraph 3.2 also includes features that contribute to a more productive developer experience via accessibility compliance, query language enhancement, and query build performance speedup. These developer-friendly capabilities include:
  • WCAG compliant accessibility in GraphStudio
  • Enhanced query language features via 30+ more built-in functions, flexible variable definition, flexible query function parameter assignment, flexible query function return, and query function overloading
  • Faster and more resilient batch queries for build and install

New in TigerGraph 3.0

Enhancements in TigerGraph 3.0: Better User Experience, System Performance and Management

TigerGraph 3.0 is a major release with a number of high-impact features that will address user experience (no-code graph analytics) as well as system performance and management. 

New No-Code Features in GraphStudio:

  • No-Code Graph Analytics with Visual Query Builder
  • No-Code Migration from Relational Database

Enhancements to Query Engine:

  • Query data using Secondary/User-Defined Indexes, from both GSQL or GraphStudio
  • Schema-Flexible Querying for reusable, portable code
  • Interpreted mode querying in GraphStudio
  • Database Export/Import to move database instances easily
  • New Parallel Installer for faster deployment
  • New UI for User and License Key management
  • Enhancements to GSQL, GraphStudio and System Management

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