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New in TigerGraph 3.6

TigerGraph 3.6 offers these new features:

Please review the release notes for full details: https://docs.tigergraph.com/tigergraph-server/current/release-notes/release-notes


  • Added support for provisioning Elastic Read-only (ER) clusters with different partitions than the primary cluster.
  • Note: This feature is currently in the preview stage only available for enterprise TigerGraph Cloud customers. If you are a paid TigerGraph Cloud enterprise customer and want to set up an ER cluster for your environment, please open a support ticket.


  • Introduced TigerGraph Kubernetes Operator. TigerGraph Kubernetes Operator allows you to automate operations such as the creation, status checking and deletion of TigerGraph clusters.


  • Sensitive data such as user credentials in log and configuration files are now encrypted.

Ecosystem integration

  • Added the ability to stream data in formats such as AVRO and JSON from external Kafka clusters to Data Streaming Connector.


  • Improved data loading speed and reliability.
  • Improved the speed and reliability of database catalog operations such as vertex and edge definition, schema changes, and query installation.

Query Language Enhancement

  • Reducer function add() now accumulates values when loading to a MAP attribute.

GraphStudio Enhancement

  • Added the ability to one-click install built-in Graph Data Science Library algorithms.
  • Added the ability to load data from Google Cloud Storage through GraphStudio UI.

New in TigerGraph 3.5

TigerGraph 3.5 offers users important new features in all product capability areas. These include:

TigerGraph Cloud:

  • Regions—more regions available across our three platforms (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud)
  • Languages—better rendering for a variety of languages 


  • Elasticity—new capabilities that provide for computation on demand
  • Manageabilityextra features that make it easier to manage, backup and restore TigerGraph
  • Security—new features that enhance the security of TigerGraph
  • Ecosystem integrationa new connector with Google Cloud Storage data streaming support
  • Observabilityimproved error messaging when the maximum graph size allowed by the license is reached
  • Query Languages—multiple new features that make the GSQL Query Language more power 

New in TigerGraph 3.2

TigerGraph 3.2
TigerGraph 3.2 Developer

Enhancements in TigerGraph 3.2: More Scalable, More Security, and Better Management

TigerGraph 3.2 includes new availability, scalability, manageability, and security functionalities to ensure mission-critical graph applications work flawlessly in both private and public clouds. This latest enterprise version of TigerGraph will meet the ever-increasing demand from the world’s top companies, boost developer adoption and address key data science requirements.

A Major Release with a Number of High-Impact Features

TigerGraph 3.2 delivers significant enhancements in scale, security and management, including:

  • Cross-Region Replication—business continuity support via cross-region replication of clusters
  • Query Workload Management—simplified management via cluster resizing, faster backup and restore, and direct control over resource allocation for big queries
  • Full Kubernetes Support—state-of-art cloud management via built-in Kubernetes support
  • Security—security and access control at scale via user-defined roles
New Developer Capabilities
TigerGraph 3.2 also includes features that contribute to a more productive developer experience via accessibility compliance, query language enhancement, and query build performance speedup. These developer-friendly capabilities include:
  • WCAG compliant accessibility in GraphStudio
  • Enhanced query language features via 30+ more built-in functions, flexible variable definition, flexible query function parameter assignment, flexible query function return, and query function overloading
  • Faster and more resilient batch queries for build and install

New in TigerGraph 3.0

Enhancements in TigerGraph 3.0: Better User Experience, System Performance and Management

TigerGraph 3.0 is a major release with a number of high-impact features that will address user experience (no-code graph analytics) as well as system performance and management. 

New No-Code Features in GraphStudio:

  • No-Code Graph Analytics with Visual Query Builder
  • No-Code Migration from Relational Database

Enhancements to Query Engine:

  • Query data using Secondary/User-Defined Indexes, from both GSQL or GraphStudio
  • Schema-Flexible Querying for reusable, portable code
  • Interpreted mode querying in GraphStudio
  • Database Export/Import to move database instances easily
  • New Parallel Installer for faster deployment
  • New UI for User and License Key management
  • Enhancements to GSQL, GraphStudio and System Management

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