TigerGraph Named a 2020 “Cool Vendor” in Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Data Management Report

Why is TigerGraph Cool ?


Democratization of Graph for Enterprises

“TigerGraph is cool for its ability to democratize graph analytics for enterprise adoption”

Relationship Analysis as the Foundation

“Finding relationships in combinations of diverse data, using graph techniques at scale, will form the foundation of modern data and analytics.”

Massive Growth in Graph DB & Analytics

“Through 2022, the application of graph processing and graph databases will grow at 100% annually to accelerate data preparation and integration, and enable more adaptive data science.”

TigerGraph for Enterprise-Level Adoption

“TigerGraph is a good fit for organizations that have clear graph problems to solve, but cannot find a solution initially for enterprise-level adoption. It also fits organizations that have the requirement for real-time and multihop analytics.”


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