Neo4j 4.0 Fabric – A Look Behind the Curtain

Neo4j 4.0 Fabric – A Look Behind the Curtain

This week, Neo4j announced version 4.0, featuring their Fabric database, advertised as offering “unlimited scalability.” They go on to describe it as “Sharding and federation: Neo4j 4.0 now allows for horizontal scaling.

We took a look at what Neo4j says about their new offering, and we’d like to share our findings with you.


Neo4j 4.0 Fabric

TigerGraph Distributed Database

Schema Sharding

One schema

Data Loading and Sharding

User manually partitions data and loads separately to each machine/database

One loading job and automatic partitioning


Query as a single database


Not ACID across the fabric



Federation of separate databases

True Distributed Database with automatic partitioning. No hassle, high performance

neo4j fabric architecture

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The TigerGraph Team