Graph Gurus, Episode 1: Building an Enterprise Knowledge Graph from RDF Data

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This month we kicked off Graph Gurus, our webinar series for developers who are looking to address real-world problems with graph database technology and graph analytics. Our goal is to make you Graph-Smart, so you can see when a graph could benefit you, and to give you a head start on designing your solution. We outline a problem or application and then show how to design a solution, with a working example running on TigerGraph.

Graph Gurus:

  • Aimed at Developers and Data Scientists
  • Presented by Developers
  • Code & Data used in the demo examples are available for download and use with TigerGraph Developer Edition

Episode 1: Building an Enterprise Knowledge Graph from RDF Data

We first defined a knowledge graph as a graph where there is a strong semantic meaning to the relationships between entities, and where users often want to draw inference from looking at the network of relationships.  I know, it sounds like every graph. An Enterprise Knowledge Graph is simply a knowledge graph where the knowledge domain is focused on an enterprise.

We then explained why it might be smart to use a property graph like TigerGraph to implement your knowledge graph, rather than an RDF:

  • RDF data stores typically use relational joins to handle graph traversal → too slow
  • RDF/SparQL weren’t designed for fine-controlled or computationally complex analytics → hard to use

Xinyu Chang, our Solutions Team Leader, then guided us through the full implementation of a knowledge graph using TigerGraph, including:

  • Introducing our example dataset from DBpedia
  • Defining a Universal Graph Schema, valid for any knowledge graph
  • Mapping RDF data into our graph database
  • Exploring the graph visually in GraphStudio
  • Writing and running GSQL queries to answer questions like: “Given a person, find the top K persons who are most related via common objects”

GSQL Universal Knowledge Graph Schema

You can see a full replay of the webinar on TigerGraph’s YouTube channel.

Then please register to see our next webinar live, and ask questions of our developers!

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