The Good News Keeps On Coming – Introducing TigerGraph Cloud & Announcing TigerGraph Series B

We’re delighted to share news about two very exciting developments. The first is the launch of our graph database-as-a-service with a free tier for no-risk and 12 starter kits to get you started quickly in the cloud. 

Introducing TigerGraph Cloud 

We’re in the midst of a foundational shift in how data is stored and analyzed. Today’s businesses require insight and analytics across their data silos to improve fraud detection, predict supply chain capacity faster in today’s turbulent market and understand the customer journey to better know their customers for competitive advantage.

Some chief data officers (CDOs) refer to these challenges as multi-million dollar questions – from the challenge of how to save millions by finding and stopping fraud in real-time to the challenge of making millions through a better understanding of their customers. Increasingly, CDOs are answering these challenges with graph databases – leveraging the power to connect and analyze their complex data across data silos, in real-time, and at scale.

Until now, CDO’s have had to rely on data science experts to download, install and configure a graph database, develop schema, queries, and algorithms from scratch and maintain a database.   

Currently, it takes days to get started, weeks to build a proof of concept, and months, or sometimes years, to deploy using legacy graph databases due to lack of parallel loading, limitation in graph query language and graph database performance and scalability issues. The end result is that people who could gain unprecedented insights into the meanings hidden within their data are often hindered from doing so.

Until now…

Graph Database and Analytics is Now Accessible to Everyone

TigerGraph Cloud solves the accessibility to graph database and analytics issues with an easy-to-use cloud-based graph database-as-a-service. TigerGraph Cloud is built for people who’d rather be building innovative applications to deliver new insights than managing databases. 

TigerGraph Cloud enables everyone to benefit from graph-based analysis. With TigerGraph Cloud anyone can get started in minutes, build a proof-of-concept model in hours and deploy a solution to production in days. Best of all it’s FREE to get started with TigerGraph Cloud.

Graph Database and Analytics is Easier than Ever

TigerGraph Cloud Starter Kits contain pre-built schemas, with sample datasets, GSQL queries and graph algorithms. These not only cover the most popular use cases such as fraud detection, explainable AI, machine learning, recommendation, knowledge graph, hub or influencer detection, referral networks, community detection, social network and supply chain analysis, but also cover specific industries such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial services, internet, eCommerce and telecom. 

TigerGraph GraphStudio™ is a simple yet powerful graphical user interface that integrates all the elements of graph analytics into one easy-to-use, web-browser-based GUI. With just a few clicks and drag and drops, users can interactively and visually create a graph schema, map data sources to the graph schema, load data to the graph, explore the data graph, write graph queries and see the results in real-time, all with a single interface.

TigerGraph Cloud “My Solutions” Dashboard simplifies starting or stopping a graph-based solution in the cloud with a single click: no need to set up your own cloud account, configure a machine instance or sort through privacy and security of the data. The TigerGraph Cloud platform handles all of it.  

There’s never been a better time to upgrade to graph-based analysis, and organizations who have done so are outperforming their competition. TigerGraph Cloud makes adopting Graph easier than ever and, best of all, it’s FREE to get started. Visit to learn more.

Now for the second piece of exciting news… 

Closing Another Funding Round 

We recently raised $32 million in Series B funding and will use the capital to fuel a new wave of growth and expansion. We are committed to making deep link analysis accessible to every organization in the world and helping users unleash the power of interconnected data. 

We’re expanding in Europe, with offices in London and Munich, Germany.  Europe is embracing the rapid adoption of graph database technology, and the expansion of our footprint there is going to help us capitalize on the opportunity across a wide range of use cases including supply chain management, fraud detection, enterprise knowledge graph, AI and machine learning.

Experience TigerGraph Cloud Live – Coming to a City Near You 

We recently commenced a series of workshops, called Graph Gurus Comes To You, intended to provide a convenient workshop for data scientists, architects, and developers to increase their knowledge of Graph database and analytics. These events are also a great way for people to network and enjoy some good food.

Keep an eye open for a Graph Gurus workshop coming to your neck of the woods. Or, if you don’t want to wait and would like to help organize a workshop in your city, let us know – we’d love to hear from you.  Here are the Graph Gurus Comes to You workshops scheduled in October: 

         -October 1, Santa Clara, California –

         -October 22, Austin, Texas –

We’re looking forward to seeing you on the TigerGraph Cloud and in Santa Clara and Austin next month!

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