TigerGraph 2020 Graphathon

You are Invited to Participate!

TigerGraph 2020 Graphathon 

We are excited to extend an invitation for you to participate in the first TigerGraph global event, a 2-month long Graphathon. The term “Graphathon” comes from the mix of Graph which is what TigerGraph is, and Marathon a long-distance competition. Make no mistakes this is a fierce competition and for those of you that endure will be rewarded at the finish line!

The Theme: – Empowering the Community to Improve the World

Staying true to what we believe in (that graphs will enable possibilities that will change the world for good), we are asking you to help and enable others in the community. 

What this means, you as a fellow developer have a unique knowledge and skill set. We want you to take your knowledge of “what you know” and ENABLE and EMPOWER the TigerGraph community to learn and/or use those tools as well to help improve the world.

SEE PROJECT EXAMPLES AND SIGN UP AT https://tigergraph2020.devpost.com/ 
WATCH THE GRAPHATHON WEBINAR: https://info.tigergraph.com/graph-gurus-41


TOP PRIZE: 1st Place – Cash Prize of $5,000 + $2000 Cloud Credits + Additional Prizes

TOP PRIZE: 2nd Place – Cash Prize of $2,500 + $1,500 Cloud Credits Additional Prizes

TOP PRIZE: 3rd Place – Cash Prize of $ 1,000 + $1,000 Cloud Credit + Additional Prizes

BONUS: Most Popular  – $1,000 TigerGraph Cloud Credits

BONUS: Most Technical – $500 TigerGraph Cloud Credits

BONUS: Most Creative – $500 TigerGraph Cloud Credits

BONUS: BEST Documented – $500 TigerGraph Cloud Credits

General Submissions – Your project will be listed FOREVER on TigerGraph’s community showcase!

Qualified Submissions – $50 Cloud Credit for just submitting your project 

How to Participate? 

1. Register on DevPost

    • Visit https://tigergraph2020.devpost.com/

    • Click “Registration”

2. Join the TigerGraph Community

    • Visit Community Forum for Discussions or Q&A

    • Visit Community Chat to talk with other TigerGraph Developers

3. Ramp up your TigerGraph Knowledge

    • Checkout TigerGraph’s Getting Started Guide

    • Understand GSQL better with TigerGraph’s Robust Documentation

What are the important Dates?

Start: Monday 6 July 2020 8am EDT

End:  Sunday 6 September 2020 11:59pm EDT

Judging: September 7th – 10th 2020

Winner Announced: September 1oth 2020

Where to go with questions?

For questions related to the Graphathon, visit and post a question on TigerGraph’s  Community Forum

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