TigerGraph and Microsoft Enable Enterprise Graph Analytics in the Azure Cloud

Microsoft Cloud Partner Page

TigerGraph on Microsoft Azure Marketplace provides a one stop shop to your Native Parallel Graph Database. The MPP architecture brings the following benefits:

  • Excellent Storage Compression: 5x to 10x better compared to the first and second generation graph database platforms
  • High Performance and Speed: Faster data loading and higher query per second
  • Memory Efficient: Choose your instances based on performance needs (“all in memory” and “partially on disk”)
  • Savings for Peak Workloads: No additional charge on TigerGraph IOPS and allow predictable cloud IT budget planning
  • Support for Distributed Computing: Scale for read and write for large datasets in real-time
  • Secure Architecture and Separation of Control: MultiGraph capability provides native fine-grained access control and multi-tenancy approach

These benefits help you optimize your functionality and TCO using TigerGraph as your database engine. Considering all factors, you may need much smaller instances to run your combined transactional and analytical graph workloads using TigerGraph on Azure. When it gets to a large deployment, there is no need to add expensive read replicas to speed up your application, compared to the first and second generation graph analytics platforms. Please reach out for total cost of ownership discussion with TigerGraph sales.


TigerGraph is also a part of the Microsoft Partner Network and has acquired Gold Competency for the Cloud. Read more about this achievement here: